No one is able to escape the camera: Thomas Porwol films Yusuf Omar filming Katharina Maß, who in turn takes a picture of both

As a mobile journalist, Yusuf Omar always has his mobile phone with him. Thomas Porwol films him at work

Although Yusuf Omar is almost always in motion, he remains in the picture of Thomas Porwol

Yusuf Omar and Thomas Porwol are on their way to new ideas and possible locations to film

Beach and good weather combined with tech companies and creative ideas make Los Angeles for Yusuf Omar such an attractive place to work

Martin is a colleague of investigative reporter Ján Kuciak who was murdered earlier this year

Jan’s murder changed Slovakia and the way how journalists work. Find out what Martin has to say about the whole situation in our upcoming video on IGTV!

mission: truth reporter Sebastian Berning while interviewing Paul Ronzheimer

Paul Ronzheimer is chief correspondent for "Bild"

Camera check: Alina Quast and Nadine Jantz are about to film the interview with Sarah Ryley

Checking white balance

The picture setting is correct. Washington Post's executive editor Martin Baron is wired and ready for the interview

The interview is over. One last photo

Total commitment: Konrad Göke even kneels for the perfect camera angle

Focused: Konrad Göke films detail shots for the film

For our project mission: truth Ali Arkady visited us and let us know what it means to risk your life for telling the truth

Interview situation: Journalism student Avzin Arbilly talked in an emotional interview with Ali Arkady about his motivation being a journalist and most importantly about his documentary "Kissing Death"

Ali Arkady finished the interview with the journalism students Katharina Vogt and Avzin Arbilly

Paol Hergert filming investigative reporter David Barstow in the cafeteria of "The New York Times"

Melanie Muschong preparing the storyline for the portrait of Carol Marbin Miller

Paol Hergert in front of the Miami Herald getting b-roll footage

Melanie Muschong is interviewing Greg Marinovich in his car, while Paol Hergert is filming from the passenger seat

Paol Hergert is filming Greg Marinovich while he is working on a photo-project

Paol Hergert is setting up the camera for the interview with ISIS-expert Rukmini Callimachi

Melanie Muschong during the interview with New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi

Melanie Muschong is transcribing the interview

Melanie Muschong interviewing three time Pulitzer Prize winner David Barstow